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gary georger ~ artist

I am an artist. I studied painting at New Paltz University in New York and pursued a career as a potter for over ten years. I took advantage of the opportunity to venture out and roam the world for six years.  I lived in Izmir, Turkey. I studied at Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi  and earned a Masters of Ceramic and Glass. My attention was drawn to the ancient kilns and techniques of Persian wares as I focused on building kilns from the local soils. I fired my modern works within these ancient techniques. I was fortunate to be an invited artist-in-residency on the Datcha peninsula. The works from this focus were featured in the 2012 Istanbul Biannual. 


After graduate school, I furthered my studies in Vietnam, collecting local terra-cotta cook stoves and common cookware while teaching art at Saigon South International School. In Saigon I opened a collective artist studio and my attention was drawn back to painting with an exhibition invitation at the HCMC Art Museum.


I have returned to Seattle. It feels wonderful to be back home with family, friends and community. I am fully engaged in a career as an artist and an educator. You can find me either at North Seattle College, Shoreline Community College or in my 'Georger Studio' making Art.     

 ~ enjoy ~ 

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