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Gary Georger

g.georger studio



Miro Tea 


Whale Wins.


Willott's Ghost

9239 8th Ave NW

Seattle WA 98117

Tel:1 206 981 1883


Shop Locally

Home Studio 

9239 8th Ave NW 

Seattle, WA 98117

Instagram  @g2georger

I'll hang a shingle when I am open

or by appointment 

Miro Tea

Miro Mugs, Yunomi and Chawan Bowls

5405 Ballard Avenue N.W.

Seattle, WA 98107

Floating Leaves Tea House

Tea cups

1704 NW Market St.  Seattle, WA 98107

Seattle, WA 98107

Whale Wins

Coffee mugs and more

3506 Stone Way N

Seattle, WA 98103


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