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Wheel to Table

The studio has been full of plates. Every square inch has been consumed in the process. Throwing at the wheel is the catalyst to the studio. Beyond the time at the wheel, the studio is dedicated to the process of timing, drying, and trimming to prepare for the bisque firing. The 200 plates that once dominated the studio are stacked and prepared for the in the bisque kiln.

As the bisque kiln is unloaded, the plates, again, take over every shelf as they are washed and waxed in preparation to glaze. Each plate is glazed as I slow my pace. Here is my test of patience. Dipping each plate and manipulating the fluid glaze on the surface to capture the landscape take finesse.

Now to cone 10. To prepare the kiln, each kiln shelf is in need of love as the surfaces are ground down and a fresh

coat of kiln wash is applied.

It's loading time.

The 16 hr. firing is a great success! After 10 years waiting to fire, the Kiln has prove itself true! (and is in good hands)

These plates will soon in service, for your pleasure, at the newest tapas restaurant in Seattle:

Dandy Lion Tapas (located in lower Queen Anne)

Buen provecho!

Before: Kiln Loaded
Fired! Success!

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