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Every move matters

​​Do the Math! What are the dimensions? ​​Do the math! How much clay is needed to throw a 16 oz. mug? The fact is the wet work must be

12% larger in volume to satisfy the final request.

​​Do the math!...and every move maters.

The measurements. The shrinkage rate. The moisture content in the wet clay. It calls for precision in the fluid, organic Art of the Earth!  

...and every move maters.

So you test weights. Test the shrinkage. Test the volume.

When it is time to commit, you know your rhythm. You know your throw and every move is put into repetitive muscle memory. Now it is time to focus lke a monk in meditation. Breath. Throw. Center- same. Open- same. Pull- same. Read the rhythm. It is a continuous dance of clay and motion.




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