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Bread! No knead to fuss over sourdough.

Bread people, start your starters...

No knead to fuss. At 10pm the starter is bubbly and full! Mix 300gm starter w/300gm luke warm water. Stir to break it down. To this liquid add 400gm flour and 15 gm salt. Stir to homogenous mix. DONE! Cover and set overnight. In the morning we will loaf the bread. Its e.z.(see video on my Facebook)

This morning, before your kettle boils you'll have bread in the pan. Olive oil and flour your 9"x 5" loaf pan. Scrape down the sides of your dough in the bowl. You can turn your dough, folding it, or simple pour it into the pan.

Olive oil drizzle on top and cut the dough down the center.


In 3 to 4 hours when the dough has risen to the top. Bake. 450° / 15 min. Turn down the oven to 400° 12-15 min. Toasted and hollow in sound (tap it). Done! No knead to fuss over sour dough, delicious!

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