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Sunday. A day for bread and plates

In the house there is a levain fed for the bread and in the studio I am preparing clay to make plates and to supply Dandelion, a new tapas restaurant in Seattle, with some local flavor.

I am back in my studio and I becoming alive. There is less haste as the work begins again. I am aware of every movement. Like a working meditation, I move with full awareness and intention towards the next step. I am learning to slow down and embrace the moment. Taking in the essence of the act and processing the work as I let go. I am under-thinking and in these moment of letting go the mind expands and new possibilities are realized. I have to make 75 plates. I am preparing to make over 100 in order to allow the freedom of expression to expand and release the stress of perfection.

Day 1: Feed the Levain

~8 am and 8 pm

Day 2 Mix and knead

240 g Levain

265 g H2O

355 g Flour

15 g Salt.

Rise 6 hrs

Form the couche

Rise 3 Hrs.

Bake 450º 15 min,

400º 20 min

After two days of feeding the sour dough and preparing the clay.

Plates are made and the bread is out of the oven, steaming hot and ready to serve.

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