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Behind the Scenes

The opening blog was quite the romantic point of view. The reality of the story, yes, bread was made and I did spent that Sunday making plates, but it was a day of research and development.

I was throwing various weights of clay of 1/8 of a pound increments in order to get a six inch plate to the right feel in size and balance. You might relate it to a gulf swing, when you have the right club you swing away, Now that I have the right clay weight, I understand the shrinakge rate and weight changes from wet clay to a finished fired plate, I am ready to sing away. At the end of the first week, 96 plates have filled the studio. I am now in research mode again as I prepare to make the next 100, 8 inch diameter plates. ​​

Each day starts and ends with wedging and weighing out the clay, caring and finish trimming yesterdays wares all to begin again, throwing

another round of pots in the circle of the studio life.

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